Your Ultimate 2018: A Goal-setting Workshop


Wednesday, January 17 at 6:30pm EST


Clarify your priorities, set meaningful goals, and make a plan to score them in this 90-minute online workshop. 

I love Noelle’s presence and ability to skillfully and easefully hold the space for us. I felt very safe and guided throughout the entire workshop, it was seamless!
— Samantha C.

Most great (ad)ventures start with a plan.

Even though we know this, we often go into a new year by setting intentions, or making resolutions, but never make a plan to ensure we'll be successful.

Without a plan, and deadlines, our best intentions get side-lined for other "priorities." How do we guarantee success?

It starts with a Life's Blueprint. In this workshop, I'll guide you through the a goal-setting tool created by the Academy for Coaching Excellence called the Life's Blueprint.

You'll get clear on what's most important to you right now, and set your priority action areas for the year. Then, you will set meaningful, time-bound goals within your Blueprint. Before you go, we will look together at what you need to do on a monthly, and maybe even weekly, basis to achieve your goals, as well as what kind of support you'd love to score them. 

You won't see any New Years resolutions in this workshop. Instead, you'll set clear, juicy, and attainable goals – with deadlines! – that you can score THIS YEAR.

Goals can be related to career, health, relationships, money, passion projects, etc. Each time you score one, you can celebrate and move on to the next goal seamlessly because you'll have your Blueprint to guide you.

What you can expect to get from this workshop:

  • Hope and excitement for the future, specifically your future :) 
  • Clarity on where to focus your energy and attention, based on what's tugging hardest at your heart strings 
  • A document to guide your actions and move you forward when you hit snags
  • A sweet reminder that you're not alone in this and that others share your experience 

And what will that help you do? 

  • Do more of what you love and score goals you can be proud of
  • Bring greater ease to decisions about how to spend your time, energy, and money
  • Energize you to take your career/health/art/etc. to the next level
  • Recruit support from others so you're not in this alone and have people to celebrate with

You'll know this workshop is a good fit for you if: 

  • You see that this is your year to make some real shifts and finally do what you've been wanting to do
  • You doubt whether next year will look any different than past years but you'd really like to get over that
  • You're ready to get some shit done 



We'll meet on the zoom video platform. Expect to be on camera for the duration.

**If you cannot join this workshop from a computer, please make a note in the registration form so I can send you worksheets in advance. 


Noelle did such a great job of creating space for everyone to share and get to know each other. It was really valuable for me to listen to their stories and hear their visions, and the experience inspired me to take the time to work on my vision, to be non-judgmental in and about the process and overall, to trust myself to figure out what I want.  
— Kazmira N.

Who's leading this?

 Photo by Sean Servis

Photo by Sean Servis

I have been healing from a chronic health condition for 17 years and I have learned A TON in the process. My healing journey led me to become a 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher and a certified ontological life coach with the Academy for Coaching Excellence, and more recently a student of intuitive healing. I have a background in social justice work, corporate sales management, and organizational development. I bring lessons from those former lives into my current work supporting individuals in seeing new possibilities for their health, their career, and their contribution.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you don’t come away from this workshop with an action plan for 2018 that you feel psyched about, I’m happy to refund you the cost of this workshop.