Careers for Queers Workshop Series

Online workshops designed to support LGBTQIA+ folks, and their closest allies, in discovering, finding, and landing their dream jobs

Photo by Melinda Pack on Unsplash

Photo by Melinda Pack on Unsplash


First, It’s mad courageous of you to be looking at pursuing a career you’d love.

It takes real focus and sometimes a lot of energy to find a job that pays us to do what we're passionate about. People give up on their career dreams early and often. Usually, they give up because the path to the dream job isn’t clear, and doesn’t seem like it will become clear, so they talk themselves out of it and move on to something else. This is normal. It happens a lot but it doesn't have to be your story!

I've put together this workshop series to support you in getting clear on exactly what you'd love and give you skills to help you get there. 


This workshop series has two parts.

The first session, How to Find and Land Your Dream Job, is going to give you a framework for how the game of getting your dream job works. 

You'll also learn about common mindset traps and how to look out for them so you can go for those big career moves even when they feel scary or overwhelming.

Have you ever felt like the job search is always two steps forward three steps back for you? We’ll look at why it can feel that way and I'll give you a tool you can use to keep yourself in the game. That way, when fears come up and the inevitable snags occur, you can keep moving forward with a new sense clarity and ease. 

The second session, Discovering Your Dream Job, is a visioning and vision-writing workshop to help you get really clear on exactly what kind of job you’d love. It will help you focus your energy on getting precisely what you want (or a stepping stone to what you want) instead of sending in a ton of applications out into the ether and hoping for the best. In this workshop, I combine my coaching and yoga teachers skills to give you a really special experience. Expect to tap into your intuition, observe, write, and share.

This workshop is limited to 10 participants. If there is more interest, I will organize another session. 

How to Attend

You can attend one or both of the workshops as they suit your interest. They are $25 each, or $40 for both. 😎  If the cost is a barrier for you, see "scholarships" below. 

The workshops will be conducted on Zoom, a virtual meeting platform. Plan to be on camera for the duration of the workshop. 

If after the workshops you’d love additional support, you’ll be able to join a six-month online coaching group to help you stay out of your own way and score your career goals with clarity, focus, ease, and grace. More on my coaching groups and how they work here.


your fearless leader

Photo by Nancie Koenigsburg

Photo by Nancie Koenigsburg

Hi! I'm Noelle. I'm a life coach, a yoga teacher, and a healer. Since the age of 14, I've had at least 15 jobs in everything from food service to academia to corporate sales management to farming and grassroots organizing.  I've been helping friends with resumes, cover letters, interview prep, and networking for more than a decade. Supporting people to find meaningful work that lights them up is one of my favorite things in the whole world. I love dogs, gardening, singing, and gluten-free pancakes and I live in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. More on how I became a coach here



Why is this geared towards Queers?

Our queer family puts up with a lot in general but the workplace and getting jobs we love can present their own special challenges, i.e. hiring and workplace discrimination, and lack of family support. I want these workshops, and the subsequent coach group, to be a safe space for folks to bring up these issues and be in community with folks who get it. 

That said, there is no one-size fits all approach to getting a job. If you’re a trans lady from a working class background who is early in her transition, the fears that come up for you in your job search, and the support you need to get a job, might be very different from that of a cis gay man from an upper middle class background.  These workshops will not address all the unique challenges that our community faces. They are meant to be a starting point for folks to gain some skills, confidence, and support to get paid for work they’re passionate about.

I hope to host future online workshops and conversations that support folks with particular backgrounds and experiences, i.e job searching as a QTPOC. If you’d like to request or help organize a certain kind of event, hit me up at



If the cost of this workshop is a barrier for you and attending for half price would knock your socks off, send me an email with the subject line "Let's go dutch." You can use this to attend a single workshop for $12.50 or both workshops for $20.

If spending any money on this would presently be a hardship for you, send me an email with the subject line "I want candy" and I'll hook you up. 

My email is