Before I started working with Noelle, I was overwhelmed with a drawn-out battle with my health and feeling out of control of my life. I had ambitions for my career, relationships, etc., but didn’t know how to start effectively balancing my health challenges with those grand plans. I thought I had to sacrifice my health to achieve the things I wanted out of life or vice versa, and I was feeling pretty discouraged. I wanted more than talk - I wanted something concrete to change and I felt I was missing the tools to get there. Working with Noelle gave me the tools and insights I craved to better understand myself, my situation, and my vast possibilities. Noelle is a gifted coach who genuinely cares about her coachees and I strongly recommend her to anyone searching for tangible tools and strategies to embrace the life they have and find ways to live it to the fullest.
— POTS patient, consultant

One-on-one coaching for folks with chronic health challenges 

I help people with health challenges to see new possibilities for their healing so they are excited to be alive and engage with the things they love.  Sometimes "healing" means getting to a place where you feel better physically and mentally, sometimes it's more about shifting the way you are relating to a chronic health challenge so you can live life in a whole new way. I believe that everyone has the capacity to heal and that nothing promotes healing more than doing what really lights you up. But maybe you are unsure about what that is, or how to do it. That's where coaching comes in. 

Through one-on-one coaching I support people to: 

  • Get clear on what is most important to them

  • Bring ease and clarity to decisions about their healing 

  • Be in partnership with their bodies

  • Cultivate support

  • (Re)connect with their purpose and the contribution they are here to make, and

  • Get out of their own way they can start living the life they'd love RIGHT NOW, regardless of where they are in their healing journey. 


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I’ve been working with Noelle for about 4 months and she has helped me to clarify my most bold and authentic vision for who/what/where I want to be, and to be more courageous and true to myself in both my job search process and workplace dynamics. The coolest part about being coached is that, time and time again, Noelle guides me to realize that I already have and know the “right” answer within myself. It’s incredibly empowering. Another more mundane, but super powerful, benefit I’ve gotten from it is she helps me to be accountable and get the shit done that I want to get done.
— Emily, Organizational Transformation Consultant


Coaching for Changemakers and Creatives Seeking More

I also support artists and changemakers living without health challenges. I have supported clients to write books, find jobs they love, rise to new challenges in the jobs they have, and launch/sustain creative projects. To talk more about what this kind of coaching looks like, book a strategy session here. 

We began our work together by setting intentions for what I would love to achieve as a result of coaching. I was skeptical at the time, but much of my vision has become a reality! Noelle has a warm and enthusiastic presence, even over the phone, and I can feel how much joy she brings to and gains from coaching. Noelle has helped me gain clarity around my career goals and stay focused on what is important to me especially when there are many factors to consider in decisions. Our sessions help me work through doubts and vagueness so that by the end I have small and powerful steps I can take towards my goals. After our sessions, it feels as if a fog has lifted and I can see exactly where I’m going and how to get there. I highly recommend Noelle to anyone daring to do big things.
— Sharan Bal, Organizational Strategist

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