Life coach and yoga teacher Noelle Janka will discuss why we worry so much and how we can begin to change our relationship with negative thoughts so they don't drag us down. She will share some tools for easing worry in the moment and the long term. In addition to the discussion, participants will be led through some light movement and breathing exercises. Movement will be suitable for all levels of mobility and fitness. Please bring a pen and a journal or a piece of paper to write on. Feel free to bring pillows, blankets, water, or anything that will help you be comfortable as well. 

This event will be great for anyone interested in stress reduction and quieting the mind. Co-hosts Noelle and Vanessa Bighinatti both live with chronic illnesses and have found refuge in meditation and yoga practices and love to share the joy with others.

Location: Athleta (Boston) 92 Newbury Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02116

Everyone is welcome at the workshop. Individuals with Lyme disease are invited to a special tea time beforehand with Noelle and Vanessa -