This workshop empowers people with chronic illness to identify and re-engage with what's most important to them. 

It’s easy to dream up the most fantastical future for yourself.  Making that dream real is another story entirely, and when you’ve been sick or in pain for a while, even the simplest dreams can seem impossible to manifest. The good news is, no matter where you are in your journey, or how much energy you have already invested, there is one action you can take today to change everything -- you can write a vision statement*

Why have a vision? Having a clear vision can help you: 

  • Make decisions about what to do next 

  • Focus your energy on taking just the most important actions

  • Stay committed to what you're up to (including your healing) when the going gets tough

  • Enroll the support of others so you can heal with more ease!

In this workshop we will do a short meditation exercise to support you in seeing clearly what is most important to you. Then you will write the first draft of a vision that totally lights you up. 

This is a participatory workshop, not an anonymous webinar. Participants will be invited to ask questions, and share what they are seeing, thinking, and writing. 

Location: Online

Cost: $25

*If writing is not accessible to you, we invite you to bring a recording device to record an audio version of your vision statement.