Rachel Marshall of Natural Health and Wellness of New England joins us to talk about the Ondamed device and what it can do for individuals with chronic pain, Lyme disease, food allergies, cardiovascular illness, and more. 

The ONDAMED is an electromagnetic frequency device that delivers a very specific individual frequency to the patient determined based on biofeedback from the patient’s pulse. This is similar to asking the body what frequency and intensity of the frequency it needs to help heal on a general level or heal a specific area of the body which is associated with a blockage. The ONDAMED device offers 174 preset protocols of bundled frequencies to address common imbalances and also individual frequency settings for more specific concerns. This modality helps naturally move the body toward a state of balance. With an increase in balance comes a more efficient nervous system which leads to more restful sleep, normalization of blood pressure, balanced brain waves, and reduced digestive problems just to name a few. Read More. 

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