Intuitive Mentorship

Support to strengthen your intuition in service of your health, career, and relationships. 

The road to health can be long and arduous for those facing chronic illnesses, and along the way it’s easy to get bogged down with appointments, doctors, and overwhelming choices. Rarely is a patient supported to use her own intuition, inner knowing and wisdom to make those choices. Through Noelle’s healing sessions, I was able get crystal clear on what my body is calling out for - specifically, more play, swimming and wearing dresses! I highly recommend her as a seasoned guide to give voice to the body’s subtle invitations for healing.
— Lindsay S.

Want to stop agonizing, overthinking, and second-guessing? 

In these 50-minute sessions, done on video chat, I'll guide you to tap into your body's wisdom and get insight on your burning questions. 

We might do some breathing and grounding exercises to help you get present and then I'll guide you to answers that come from your heart and your gut – in other words, your deep inner knowing. 

These sessions are good for physical healing, emotional healing, or figuring out next moves of any kind. 

Your first session is pay-what-you-want. 💛 If after our session you feel as if you've gotten nothing out of it, I'll gladly return your payment. If you see you want additional support, we will create a mentorship package that matches your needs and goals. 



Set up an intro session here.

Introductory sessions are pay-what-you-want. 

Noelle provided me with both career and healing support that was practical, accessible, applicable, and helpful! She is so knowledgeable, really a one-stop-support-shop. I felt better as soon as I was in her company.
— Christina B.