Support My Move?

Yellow House.jpg

It all started when...

I walked into the basement of my house in Boston and my lungs started burning. My roommates and I soon learned that we were dealing with a pretty significant mold problem and I took it as a sign to follow my long held dream of moving to Western Mass. ❤️

I found a place I love in Shelburne Falls (pictured above) and I'm excited to move there in early September. Because I wasn't planning on moving, I have had to scrape together every last penny for first, last, and security, and I don't have much left for moving costs and furnishings. I only have a bed, table, and desk and will be needing kitchen tools most urgently, followed by couch, rugs, lights, etc. 

If you feel called to contribute to making my move more easeful, or to add some brightness and utility to my new home, you can make a donation of any amount below.

Thank you for supporting me through this abrupt but nourishing transition! You rock!