The Spoonie Action Academy

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This Coaching group is for individuals with health and/or Mental health challenges who are also deeply dedicated to social justice.

Spoonie is a word for someone who because of a chronic condition, must be very judicious with their energy.  I love supporting spoonies who are fiercely committed to collective liberation and want to get as well as possible so they can contribute to their communities from a full cup. That's what this group is for. 

You'll know this group is a good fit for you if: 

  • You're prone to overdoing it and burning yourself out.
  • You have trouble getting clear about your next steps and/or committing to a path. 
  • You experience a lot of despair about the current state of the world and aren't sure how best to contribute. 
  • You don't know how to do the work that needs to be done and keep yourself healthy.  
  • You're ready to have some buddies who *really* get where you're coming from.
I have really loved the way Noelle has created a safe and loving container for us to really come as we are, bring our full selves, and learn with humility, trust, vulnerability, openness, and care. I have so enjoyed watching my fellow Spoonies getting coached and the ways they show up with so much truth and wisdom.
— Ash T., Non-binary queer community organizer living with rheumatoid arthritis, Spoonie Action Academy participant



Sessions are 90 minutes long and happen twice per month for six months. You will get coached personally at least every other session (and usually more frequently than that). 

A typical session looks like:

  • Taking a moment to get centered and present
  • Sharing celebrations 
  • One person shares what they'd like support on and receives that support in the form of coaching from me. 
  • They get coached (Usually ~15 minutes each).  
  • I’ll invite other group members to share their insight and personal takeaways from the conversation. This is where the magic of the group comes in. You get so much more support than just mine!
  • Next person is up on the “coaching seat.”



Anything! There’s no limit. Although this group is for spoonies, you don’t have getting coaching on something related to your health challenges. Because the truth is... everything is related and if you have a breakthrough in one area of your life, the effects of it will ripple into all the others. 

Topics you might get coaching on: 

Keeping up with self-care routines, career, passion, entrepreneurial ventures, relationship with money, relationship with time, love and partnership, health, friendships, teams, communication, activism, enjoyment and relaxation, hobbies … pretty much anything!



Two 90-minute calls per month:  We’ll meet for two group sessions per month. They'll be 90 minutes if it's 5 or more people. 75 minutes if the group is smaller. 

Join by video or phone: We will meet via video chat on the Zoom platform, which is the next best thing to being in a room together. You can also call in by phone.

Get coached frequently: Each person will get coached at least every other session (and usually more frequently).

Small group: It’s important to me that you get the support you’re here for. This group will have 4-10 people in it.

Unlimited text support: In between our coaching sessions, we can text back and forth to talk about your questions, challenges, and celebrations!

Facebook group: Use this group for sharing celebrations, asking questions, and cheering each other on.

Handouts and slides: I will be sharing occasional tools and handouts so that you can take the lessons from our coaching conversations and easily put them into action in your life. You will be able to access these through an online portal.

Video recordings: You will get video recordings of every session.



My promise to you is that you will get way more than your investment’s worth in this program.

You will: 

  1. Experience the energy that comes with bringing ease to your healing and making the contributions you’re here to make.
  2. End your days satisfied knowing that you focus your energy on the most important things (rather than all the distractions).
  3. Save time, money, and energy that would have otherwise been spent “stuck” or “working really hard” toward your goals.
  4. Grow as a leader -- you will learn to demonstrate the qualities that you see in the leaders you most admire.
  5. Grow as a person -- I often hear from my clients that they experience themselves as a whole new person after they’ve worked with me. They are kinder to themselves, seeing new possibilities, and accomplishing big things they might have not accomplished otherwise. Be ready to transform in this program!



This program is offered on a sliding scale from $80 - $250 a month. I ask you to pick an investment that is a stretch for you, but not a hardship. See suggested payment levels here.




Hi! I'm Noelle and I have been healing from Lyme disease and associated health conditions for 17 years. My healing journey led me to become a 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher in 2013 and then a certified ontological life coach with the Academy for Coaching Excellence. I have been an activist since high school when I started a campaign to organize my classmates to write letters to Congress about the National Debt, citing it as taxation without representation for our National Debt. It wasn't the most successful campaign I worked on, but I was fortunate enough to work on many more, including the campaign to elect Barack Obama in 2008. After four big burnouts, I hired a coach in 2014 to figure out how to make change without getting sick. I fell in love with coaching as a tool for transformation (it helped me enormously in my healing and my activism) and I became a coach so I could bring it to my community. 



Set up a strategy session here so we can talk and see if group coaching is your best next move! The next group will begin in May 2018. 



Email me at coach @ noellejanka. com