Minding the Mind: Strategies for Stress Reduction 

In this participatory workshop, Noelle will lead your group or team in a discussion about why we worry so much and how we can begin to change our relationship with the internal dialogues that drag us down and keep us from being as healthy and happy as we want to be.  Participants learn breathing exercises, light movement, meditation, and focusing techniques that can be used to ease worry in the moment, and they will get tools and strategies for cultivating mindfulness and reducing stress in the long term. This workshop is occasionally offered to the public and can be booked for corporate teams and support groups. 


Totally Crushing It 101 - An empowerment workshop for folks with chronic illness

In this workshop we'll do a mindfulness exercise to connect with our inner reason for living (it's okay if you're not sure what that is right now!) and you will begin crafting a vision statement for a life that totally lights you up. You will also get to meet and share with a supportive community of people who get it because they also live with chronic illness. 

This workshop is regularly offered on-line and can be done in-person for existing existing groups.