Channel Your Inner Wisdom


Do you have trouble making big decisions about career, relationships, and other “life stuff?”

Do you find yourself overthinking things and feeling stuck?

Would you love to be able to “go with your gut” like everyone tells you to?


You’re not alone! And there are practices you can learn to bring a whole new level of ease to decisions about health, career, and relationships...with way less difficulty and self-criticism. And I’m not talking about making a pros and cons list!

In this online workshop I’ll use my five years of experience as a yoga teacher and life coach to teach you how to stop agonizing and listen to your inner voice of wisdom.

You will learn: 

  • Why it’s so hard to “go with your gut” and why our inner critic is so quick to take charge.
  • Three helpful questions to ask yourself when you’re stuck in your head, so you can get out!
  • How to tap into your body's wisdom to bring some ease to the more stressful moments in everyday life. 
  • Three practices for building a strong connection to your inner wisdom so you can get clear answers to your big questions. 

Bottom line: You’ll leave with tools and practices you can use right away!

I’ll be wearing both my coach and yoga teacher hats in this online workshop so come ready to use your brain, your heart, and your breath. If that sounds intimidating, you should definitely attend. 😊

I love Noelle’s presence and ability to skillfully and easefully hold the space for us. I felt very safe and guided throughout the entire workshop, it was seamless!
— Samantha C.

why me?

Photo by Sean Servis

Photo by Sean Servis

I have been healing from a chronic health condition for 17 years and I have learned A TON in the process. My healing journey led me to become a 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher and a certified ontological life coach with the Academy for Coaching Excellence, and more recently a student of different intuition-strengthening modalities. I have a background in social justice work, corporate sales management, and organizational development. I bring lessons from those former lives into my current work supporting individuals in seeing new possibilities for their health, their career, and their contribution.

Satisfaction guarantee:

If you don’t come away from this workshop with valuable tools to bring ease and clarity to your decision-making experience, I’m happy to refund you the cost of this workshop.