Discover Your Dream Job - For Social Impact Leaders


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

6:00 - 7:30 pm EST 

This is an online visioning and vision-writing workshop to help you get really clear on what kind of job you’d love and what your next move might be to get there. 

You'll leave the workshop with a draft Dream Job Vision Statement, which will serve as a blueprint to inform your actions as you look for a job or create one by starting a new enterprise.

Having a vision statement helps you focus your energy on getting precisely what you want (or a stepping stone to what you want) instead of sending in a ton of applications out into the ether and hoping for the best. In this workshop, I combine my coaching and yoga teacher skills to give you a really special experience. Expect to tap into your intuition, observe, write, and share.

What you'll get: 

  • Clarity on what's most important to you in your next job

  • Insight into what kind of work would really light you up, if you don't already know

  • A draft vision statement for a job you'd love which can serve as a guide star in your job search

  • Community with other people in the same boat

You should attend this workshop if: 

  • You have no idea what to do with your life, or too many interests to choose from

  • You have some idea but would love to clarify what your next move is

  • You've been applying to a lot of jobs without getting a lot of results

  • You're having trouble finding something that supports you and your family and also makes an impact you're excited about

Noelle creates an environment that make you feel safe to be vulnerable and honest with yourself. She clearly does what she does from a place of love and vast personal experience. I never thought I would discover so much about my dream job in such a short group session!
— Cathryn G.


Cost: Free

Location: The workshops will be conducted on Zoom, a virtual meeting platform. Plan to be on camera for the duration of the workshop. Join from the office, or in your PJs. 

Additional Support: If after the workshops you’d love some more support with your career moves, you’ll be able to join a nine-month online coaching group to help you stay out of your own way and score your career goals with clarity, focus, ease, and grace. More on my coaching groups and how they work here. This is totally optional and there is no obligation to join the group if you attend the workshop. 


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Photo by Nancie Koenigsburg

Photo by Nancie Koenigsburg

Hi! I'm Noelle. I'm a life coach, a yoga teacher, and a healer. Since the age of 14, I've had at least 15 jobs in everything from food service to academia to corporate sales management to farming and grassroots organizing.  I've been helping friends with resumes, cover letters, interview prep, and networking for more than a decade. Supporting people to find meaningful work that lights them up is one of my favorite things in the whole world. I love dogs, gardening, singing, and gluten-free pancakes. I live in Boston, Massachusetts. More on how I became a coach here


Noelle fostered an open and honest atmosphere within this workshop. I didn’t know anyone though I felt at ease in opening up, which is rare for me. I appreciate her point of view and want to get to know more about her!
— Despina P.


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I just attended the “discover your dream job” workshop and I feel inspired, excited and like I am holding to the key to a new road map...that I am making! Yay!
— Meryl L.