One of the things that always impresses me is the incisiveness with which Noelle asks questions during coaching. Being on the receiving end of the questions she asks us to turn toward ourselves is just as valuable as witnessing a coaching interaction with other members of the group. She has just been so capable of seeing to the heart of a matter and catching nuances in a situation that might otherwise have escaped notice. Whether or not I have been a focus in a particular evening’s meeting, I have taken away a lot every time.
— Puck, M.

Grow With A Community

Members of a 2017 coaching group on Zoom.

Members of a 2017 coaching group on Zoom.

Group coaching is a cost-effective way for you to get support for your next big thing and make meaningful connections with folks who share your drive and passion. 

You'll start by crafting a vision of the life you would love. This could be focused on creating a new self-care routine, starting a business, changing careers, writing a book, whatever has been tugging at your heart.

Then, you will get support throughout the program to live from that vision and make it real. The six-month time period allows us to create a tight-knit community of support, and allows you to set and score meaningful goals with the buddies by your side every step of the way.

You'll also learn skills to overcome the self-limiting conversations that might otherwise hold you back. You will be encouraged to cultivate support inside and outside the group to carry you forward on your journey, and celebrate with you when you score your goals. 

By participating in a coaching group you can expect to get: 

  • Clarity on what's most important to you right now and what will keep you motivated in the difficult moments.

  • Skills, tools, and strategies to help you worry less, do more, and move forward with ease.

  • Badass new friends who totally get where you're coming from.

  • Tons of accountability and support to score your goals.

I feel healthier emotionally, things don’t feel so desperate or overwhelming and I’m feeling less and less of a need to “fix” myself... and instead hold space for all that’s happening right now and move from a place of integrity.
— Rachel S.

Upcoming Groups:

Operation Dream Job - A nine month coaching group for changemakers and creatives looking to up-level their career, starting in July 2019. 

Healing Circle - I'm creating a group for radical women and queer folks healing from health challenges, set start in January or Feburary 2019. Details TBA.  If you're interested in getting the deets on it, email me or join my newsletter below.