Meet holistic practitioners who can help you take your healing to the next level. 


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Are you someone:

  • With chronic illness, chronic pain, and/or mental health challenges?
  • Who is interested in holisitic and natural medicine?
  • Who would love some simple and effective tips to heal naturally?
  • And wishes you could ask all your questions before scheduling an appointment?


Join me, Noelle Janka, as I interview holistic practitioners on Facebook Live as part of this monthly discussion series on healing. 

Featured practitioners have discussed functional medicine, acupuncture, energy healing with the Akashic Records, shiatsu, naturopathic medicine, and hypnosis for pain relief. 

All past Healcast broadcasts are posted on YouTube, except Dessa Bingley's on acupuncture and shiatsu, which is posted below. 


Healcast feels like a call-in radio show, but online and with video. You'll get to learn about different healing modalities and ask questions to see if the featured modality is a good fit for you.  


Broadcasts happen once a month and advertised on my Facebook page. Join us live to get your questions answered and be part of the conversation!


Healcast Episode 4: Dessa Bingley on Acupuncture


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This series is run as a public service to provide information on holistic therapies and give you the opportunity to interact directly with practitioners. Your contribution of any amount will help keep the series running. Thank you for your support! 


Nominate a Practitioner 

If you'd like to nominate yourself, or a practitioner you love to be interviewed on Healcast, simply send an email with your/their contact into to with the subject line "Healcast Nomination."