It’s the end of the year, and the beginning of a new one. A lot of people are saying 2016 was the worst. There was quite a bit of upheaval in human society and it doesn’t look like things will be all roses next year either. I really appreciated this piece on happenings worth celebrating in 2016.

But no matter what is happening politically, geopolitically, or even within our own orbits, it is important for us to honor what this year was for us. Maybe it wasn’t the worst for you personally. Maybe it was actually pretty great. Celebrate that my friend, even if only with yourself. Or if the year truly totally sucked for you, you can choose to find something to celebrate, perhaps what you learned from all that suckage and how it made you stronger.

Personally, I have a lot to be grateful for this year.  I went from looking into the price of wheelchairs to running somewhat consistently. I went on a backpacking trip for the first time in years. I shifted the focus of my business to serve more of the people I really love (kickass people with chronic illness), moved into a really fun house with six quirky roommates, and met the sweetie of my dreams. I also reconnected with several dear friends. Believe me, there is a lot I’m displeased with but there’s also a lot I’m celebrating.

Someone told me once that what you’re doing on New Year’s Eve when the clock strikes midnight will cast light or shadow on the rest of your year. I’ve taken that to heart so I try to be intentional about what I get up to. Twice I’ve done a special New Year’s Eve yoga class that ends at midnight and in both cases the following years were especially good. This year I’m choosing to celebrate with a liver flush (with my herbalist's blessing) and one of my favorite rituals. I picked the flush to demonstrate my commitment to strengthening my body and the ritual to cleanse my mind and heart. I’ll be burning two lists: one of the things that held me back in 2016, things I want to let go of, and another of my hopes for 2017. In past years I’ve done this around a fire with friends. This year I’ll just be setting them on fire and stomping them out in the snow solo. Friends are great but I’m still pumped about it.

Tomorrow, I’ll honor the new year by revamping my life and business vision statement.  This will give me something to push me forward when things get rough in 2017, because they will. I’ve found visioning to be THE MOST useful tool in my healing journey, not only to serve as a pick me up when I’m challenged but also because, when I’m clear on what I’m working towards and healing for, decisions are a million times easier. And, as anyone with chronic fatigue and/or brain fog can tell you, anything that brings ease to decision making is a huge blessing. Visions are also a powerful antidote for despair.

To share the joy of vision creation with others, I’m hosting another session of my free online vision writing workshop for folks with chronic health challenges, Crushing It 101, on January 17. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the power of visioning, start crafting a vision, and get feedback on it from me and other participants. It’s a fun way to start getting clear on what’s most important to you and connect with other folks who are on a healing journey. Learn more and sign up here.

What are you celebrating in 2016 and how are you honoring the transition from one year to the next? Please share in the comments section below or join the conversation on Spoonie Superstars.