The strategy and tools you need to score your career goals now!


I’m so sick of folks abandoning their dreams just because they don’t think their dream job exists.

It can happen so easily.

You have an idea. You start looking around online and you get discouraged because you don’t see anything that fits the bill.

Maybe there’s a good job that doesn’t pay well. Or the job that pays well is one you’re not sure your qualified for. Or there are a lot of jobs that are close to what you like but not quite it.

But you apply anyway and hope for the best.

It’s not the worst idea in the world, but it generally doesn’t generate results. Also, sending lots of cover letters and resumes out into the ether takes a lot of energy, and it can get discouraging really quickly.

Or maybe you get some interviews and offers but you struggle to decide whether or not a job is the right fit.


The only actual “right fit” is the job that allows you to show up fully and make the contribution you’re here to make.

And I’ll let you in on a secret.

Almost nobody gets that job by simply applying online.

Getting or creating a job you love takes clarity, focus, commitment, and support.

It also requires you to get out and talk to people.

Not just for the sake of the dreaded “n” word (networking) but also so you can learn more about what’s out there and what would actually be a good fit for you.

It’s really important to get as clear as possible on what you’d love BEFORE you start applying.

If you don’t, you could spin your wheels for months researching different companies and organizations, and applying to listings that are sort of close to something that you might like to do.

You will probably get more confused and unsure about what it is you want.

That’s because your answer isn’t on the internet. There’s no search engine for figuring out what to do with your life or finding the right job.

You need to first let yourself dream. Then you need to be strategic and make a plan.

Enter the Operation Dream Job Launch Kit 🌈 ✨

A collection of audio and video recordings, and written resources from my nine-month Operation Dream Job program, the Launch Kit gives you everything you need to figure out what you really want to do and how to make it happen.

By walking you step by step through the most effective way to get a job, the Operation Dream Job Launch Kit gives you clarity, structure, and a sexy little toolbox to help you manifest your juiciest career vision.

It includes the best recordings and training materials from Operation Dream Job* for less than the price of one month in the program!

This comprehensive launch kit is something you can do at your own pace, on your own time, as quickly or slowly as you like.

I like to keep things simple so it’s just one big fat Google Doc with links to video trainings, audio recordings, slides, and articles.

*The last cohort of Operation Dream Job was open to job seekers and early-stage entrepreneurs so if you’re also thinking about launching your own thing on the side, or in the future, you’ll get some good content to prep your mindset for that too.

Noelle was absolutely essential in finding clarity on my truest, most authentic career direction. She helped me realize that in order to move forward, we don’t have to get intimidated or overwhelmed by the big picture, rather we can parcel obstacles into small and sweet steps, making the process much less daunting and even, dare I say it, enjoyable! She gave me an invaluable toolkit that I reach to often in order to reduce anxieties, navigate stressors, and relax the ever pervasive monkey mind.
— Chelsea S., Producer

What's Included?

  • A training to help you identify what job will be the best fit for you, so you don't waste time applying for things that won't work out

  • A framework to guide your job search so you always know what to do next

  • Training on how to network like a pro, so you can learn about your field(s) of interest and build the connections that will help you land a job

  • Resources on writing a great resume and cover letter, and how to prep for an interview so you can present yourself clearly and effectively

  • Tools to help you prepare your mindset to launch a business, in case you are looking for a job to pay the bills while you launch a business on the side

why is this a good investment?

Job searching without a plan is long, exhausting, and discouraging.

Job searching with a step-by-step guide is empowering and effective.

Since the average American changes jobs 10-15 times in their career, this kit is designed to be used again and again. You can use the tools you'll learn to find your next job, and every job after, no matter how much your interests or career goals change. 😎


I, Noelle Janka, have been a life and career coach for four years and have led nine coaching groups to support social changemakers in building careers they love. Again and again I’ve watched clients take these tools and run with them, creating businesses, getting into graduate school, and landing jobs at places like PRX, Cambridge Innovation Center, Political Research Associates, The Sierra Club, Natoora, and Women in Transition.

Before I became a coach, I held jobs in non-profits, corporate sales, food service, agriculture, and academia. I personally know what it takes to build a personal brand and repackage skills again and again to get jobs in different industries.

what does it cost?


How do I get it?

Just click on the link below and make your payment.


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frequently asked Questions

What is the format of the launch kit? It’s a Google Doc full of links to videos, audio recordings, and written resources.

How long will it take me to go through it? If you set aside three hours a week to work through the resources in the Launch Kit, you can complete them all in six weeks.

What if I have questions? You can email me at

What if I feel like I need more help? You’ll have the opportunity to schedule a one-off 50-minute coaching session with me for $197, a significant discount from my usual individual packages.