Transform Your Relationship With Money

With this 6-week Money Mindset Bootcamp

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It’s so common to have a complicated relationship with money, regardless of how much you have. It can easily become a barrier to achieving your personal goals or even being the person you want to be in the world.

More often than not, it is your MINDSET about money, rather than the amount of money you have, that is actually keeping you from being financially successful.

Photo Credit: Jamie MacDonald

Photo Credit: Jamie MacDonald

Hi! My name is Noelle.

I’m a life and career coach for changemakers and people with health challenges. I’ve done a lot of things in life but my proudest achievement is healing from a 17-year journey with late-stage Lyme disease.

Being sick was expensive. Most of my doctors didn’t take insurance and, like a lot of sick folks, there were years when I could only work part-time, and months when I couldn’t work at all.

I was broke for a long time and it sucked.

“I’m sorry. I can’t.” became a familiar retort to social invitations that required spending money.

I also felt stunted in my business because I felt I couldn’t invest in the support I needed to learn new skills, like marketing and sales, that ironically would have helped me make more money.

I also worried a lot about paying the bills.

Constantly worrying about money took a lot of energy and I got really bitter. I would see people with a new coat or bag and feel sad that I might never again have “spending money” for such things.

And in times when I did have more money and there were good reasons to spend it, I really struggled to trust that more would come my way.

Then I read an amazing book: The Energy of Money by Maria Nemeth.

While reading the book I experienced a huge mindset shift. I began practicing gratitude and looking out for abundance, instead of stewing in scarcity.

Since then I have:  

  • More than tripled my income,

  • Become more generous, grateful, and way less stressed!

  • Found creative ways to pay for things like trips, workshops, and healers,

  • Experienced more abundance in general, around money, time, and relationships.

The Energy of Money presents straightforward principles for shifting your relationship with money so that you can really chart a path of abundance.

I was so inspired by the book, and what I was able to achieve with it, that I wanted to share the joy with others and lead a book study group. I love this book because it’s not just a how-to-make-more-money book, nor is it a woo woo just-think-happy-thoughts-and-manifest kind of book either. It’s a beautiful balance of practical and soulful.

This six-week bootcamp, centered on the principles in The Energy of Money, is set up to help you learn and practice the book’s twelve principles so you can experience ease around finances and truly resource yourself for the work you want to do in the world.

You’ll know this program is a good fit for you if:

  • Money has been a big factor in not pursuing your dreams

  • You feel stuck in your current financial situation

  • You have a lot of money stress and it’s wearing you down

  • You’ve been wanting to start budgeting and getting on top of your finances for a while but it hasn’t happened

  • You want to be using money with more clarity and intention

  • You want to experience more abundance in all areas of your life

When you learn to work freely and easily with the energy of money, your life will become what psychologists and counselors call ‘intentionally satisfying.’ You will know precisely what you want, what brings you joy and meaning, and you will see how to get it with ease...You will make the important decisions in your life consciously, never again abandoning your dreams by default because you ‘can’t afford them.’
— From The Energy of Money by Dr. Maria Nemeth

Wait…Can’t I just read the book?

You can totally go get the book right now.

But … how many books have you read and then NOT DONE SHIT with the info?

Or let collect dust on your shelf of good intentions?

This book study group is guaranteed to help you make some seriously powerful changes in your life when it comes to money.

And this joy-filled money mindset bootcamp offers camaraderie, inspiration, and motivation – via your group-mates – to ensure that you’re successful.

You will also get MY support.

Not only will I hold you accountable to doing the exercises in the book, but I’ll be coming with 3+ years of experience working with this material, personally and with clients.

Here’s how the study group works

  • We will meet on six Wednesdays in a row, from 5:15pm - 6:45pm EST, starting February 13.

  • We’ll meet online, via video chat, on the Zoom virtual meeting platform. You can also join by phone.

  • There will be a Slack channel for this group so you can ask questions and connect with group members between sessions.

  • You’ll get video and audio recordings of every session so you can watch or listen later if you can’t be there live.

Here’s what you need to participate

  • The book, The Energy of Money by Maria Nemeth

  • A notebook and something to write with

  • A strong internet connection and computer or phone to join the sessions

What I love about Noelle: Your calm, soothing way of interacting with the world and staying present with us. Your ability to cut through the BS and get to the heart of what is most important at any given time or on any given topic.
— Kate H.

So, What’s the Investment?

Early Bird: $197 through Feb. 5, 2019.

Regular: $297

Payment plans are available. Email for details.

Current and former clients can contact me for a discount code.

Early Bird Bonus:

In addition to a discount, early bird registrants will receive one complimentary 30-minute coaching session. If you’re worried about your ability to implement the principles, sign up early to get this additional support!!

How do I sign up?

Simply fill out the form below. You will get a confirmation email with all the dates and the option to add them all to your calendar, which I highly recommend!

You’ll get an email from me by February 8 with everything you need to join our first call.


If you participate fully in the entire program – including reading the book, attending the sessions, and contributing in Slack – and feel like you have not experienced a shift in your money mindset and practices, I will happily refund you in full. 😎

I cannot truly express how helpful it was to have Noelle’s support. She is caring, honest, wise and intuitive. I really valued my time with her and would recommend her to anyone that is looking to change their life for the better.
— Carolyn S.