Strength Through Community

Group coaching is a cost-effective way for you to get support for your next big thing and make meaningful connections with other badasses. You'll start by crafting a vision of the life you would love. This could be focused on creating a new self-care routine, moving to a new city, changing careers, writing a book, or anything you're excited about. Then, you will get support throughout the six month program to live from that vision and make it real. You will set goals and build skills to overcome the self-limiting conversations that might otherwise hold you back. You will also cultivate support inside and outside the group to carry you forward on your journey, and celebrate with you when you score your goals. 

I like to run groups for people with shared experiences. So far I've run: 

  • Queer Changemakers - for queer folks committed to social justice
  • Spoonie Action Academy - for queer individuals with chronic health challenges and a strong commitment to social justice
  • Lyme Group - Lyme-literate coaching for rockstars with Lyme disease looking for meaningful work that supports their healing

By participating in a coaching group you can expect to get: 

  • Clarity on what's most important to you right now and what will keep you motivated in the difficult moments
  • Skills, tools, and strategies to help you worry less, do more, and move forward with ease
  • New badass friends who totally get where you're coming from 

Groups meet twice a month for six months. Sessions are 75 minutes and held on the Zoom virtual meeting platform. Each group gets a private Facebook group so you can connect and share with other participants between sessions. 



This program is offered on a sliding scale from $75-$200 a month. 

You can name the price based on your income and/or the resources you have access to. In order for you to get the most out of the program, I ask you to pick an investment that is a stretch for you, but not a hardship. 


Application process 

Set up a strategy session here so we can talk and see if group coaching is your best next move. 

Questions? e-mail me at coach @ noellejanka. com 


group coaching testimonials

"I have really loved the open-heart space that's created on each of the coaching calls. The way Noelle has created a safe and loving container for us to really come as we are, bring our full selves, and learn with humility, trust, vulnerability, openness, and care. I have so much enjoyed watching my fellow Spoonies getting coached and the ways they show up with so much truth and wisdom. I'm so lucky to get to be present for that and learn from/with them." - Ash T., Non-binary queer community organizer living with rheumatoid arthritis, Spoonie Action Academy participant

"I feel healthier emotionally, things don't feel so desperate or overwhelming and I'm feeling less and less of a need to "fix" myself/my illnesses and instead hold space for all that's happening right now and move from a place of integrity. I've learned how valuable it is to have a vision as a way to keep myself oriented to what I truly care about. This has helped me stay committed to my rediscovered love for paint and poetry as healing agents and sources of pleasure. I'm also learning how freaking valuable pleasure is and the necessity to prioritize it in our lives, especially as queer spoonies for social justice. Prioritizing joy and pleasure has been a revolutionary experience for me!" - Rachel S., Spoonie Action Academy participant