Support for up-leveling your career, health, and contribution. 


The coolest part about being coached is that time and time again, Noelle guides me to realize that I already have and know the “right” answer within myself. It’s incredibly empowering. Another more mundane, but super powerful, benefit I’ve gotten from it is she helps me to be accountable and get the shit done that I want to get done.
— Emily, Organizational Transformation Consultant

Where are you at? 


I Need a new job



I'm sick of being sick


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I want to make a bigger impact



How to move forward 

If you're struggling with any or all of the above, let's talk. My jam is supporting people to see new possibilities for their career, their physical vitality, and their contribution. I do this by giving you skills and tools to stop overthinking and quit being hard on yourself, so you can get clear on what you'd love and how to get there.

These skills will help you make big decisions with ease and clarity, and spend more energy doing what your heart most desires. I love helping folks create careers that both light them up and support their physical and mental wellbeing. I also help people start businesses, write books, launch big art project, and more!

I do this through: 

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Why work with me? 

Are you

  • Deeply committed to making the world a brighter, better connected, and more just place?

  • Looking to up-level your career and/or expand your impact?

  • Healing from a health challenge?


If any of the above are true for you, I know where you're coming from. ❤️  I've been on a long journey with my healing, my identity and sexuality, activism, and my art. I've also had one hell of a ride figuring out how to contribute in ways that make an impact AND allow me to be my most authentic self.

It turns out that with the right tools, you can make a lot happen with a lot of ease and grace. I love supporting all kinds of people but I especially jive with folks who are on paths that intersect with mine. 


More about me:

Job: Certified ontological coach, yoga teacher, writer, self-healing mentor, workshop leader, impact expander, dream job doula, and your new biggest champion.

Identity: White, queer, sober, late stage Lyme survivor, half-Belgian, half-first generation, country girl at heart.

Things I like: Pema Chodron, emergent strategy, intuitive healing, singing, gardening, energy healing, medicinal herbs, short stories, Palestine, vegetables, underground hip hop, farms, dogs, bicycles, pranayama, Afro-Flow Yoga, meditation, feminists, rituals, collective liberation, public radio, theatre, 2 Dope Queens, Core Energetics, adrienne maree brown, Antony Hegarty, and playing outside.

More about my story here


Frequently Asked Questions

How does coaching work? 

I assume that you have your own answers. I listen to the energy of what you're saying and ask questions to support you in observing mindset challenges so you can see clearly when you're getting in your own way. I also give you skills and tools to overcome those mindset challenges so you can take action on the things that are most important to you, more consistently, with clarity, focus, ease, and grace. I work with people over video chat so we can get that in-the-room feel. 

How long do you work with people?

In individual coaching I like to work with folks for nine to twelve months, with sessions twice a month. This gives you time to set and score meaningful goals, get plenty of practice with the skills I teach you, and build up a support team to carry you forward after we stop working together. 

How is coaching different than therapy? 

Therapy's aim is healing. Coaching is designed to help you take action to achieve certain results. Therapy and coaching can be complimentary but one is not a substitute for the other. Many of my clients also work with therapists or counselors when mental health support is needed. 

What is unique about your coaching? 

People say that I help them feel held and that, in my presence, they see that they have everything they need. I'm playful and fun but I'm also going to make sure you do what you say you're going to do. 😊

How is group coaching different from your other work? 

Group coaching gives you the opportunity to get support from more than just me. It's a good fit for people who are generally good at getting things done but could use a good kick in the pants to score their juiciest, more nerve-wracking goals. The group provides a safe space to explore new possibilities and a ton of accountability to make sure you do what you say you're going to do. The group is also my more affordable, accessible coaching option. Groups are not a good fit for you if you aren't in a place to be supporting others, i.e. you have a lot going on and really need to focus on you for awhile. 


Shall we chat? 

See if coaching is your best next step. Set a complimentary consultation with me here or send an email to coach [at] to set something up.

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