If you've been feeling sick, depressed, anxious or otherwise off lately, let me tell you: you ARE NOT alone! I've had so many people reschedule this week because they are WORN OUT. Even the most intentional and focused in my circles are feeling off and I've noticed this happens every year.

The holiday frenzy means we're busier, often facing increased social and financial pressure, missing loved ones who aren't around, and on top of that, these are some of the shortest, darkest days of the year! Tomorrow, Thursday, is the winter solstice, officially the shortest day of the year.

We talked in the Spoonie Action Academy coaching group last night about what we need most right now and some great themes came up around purpose, rest, ease, and being gentle with ourselves. Inspired by that conversation, here are some of my tips for getting and staying grounded through the rest of the winter holiday season:

  • Be purposeful in your actions. If you don't have a meaningful reason to go to a holiday party and you'd rather rest, get your rest on!
  • Practice deep breathing and grounding exercises throughout the day to shift and focus your attention. Just taking three deep breaths before packing a suitcase will help you pack faster and with more ease.
  • Divide up your to-do's into small sweet steps and focus on them one at a time to prevent overwhelm. It's so simple but how often do you do it? :)
  • Take time for yourself. This is especially important for introverts and the chronic illness crowd. Socializing takes a lot of energy and it's important to recharge. This could be as simple as taking a walk alone or getting 10 mins of quiet time at the beginning of the day meditating, coloring, reading, or otherwise doing something you love.
  • Honor the sun by celebrating the solstice! You'll find that a lot of yoga studios have special restorative solstice classes designed to help you rest and celebrate the change in seasons. Not so into yoga? Here are some ideas for rituals you can do at home with friends, family, and chosen family. 

Take good care of yourself! It will support you and everyone around you to have a more joyous holiday season. 💛