“Free your mind and your ass will follow

The kingdom of heaven is within.”

I feel like this song is speaking to what happens in physical healing when we are willing to shift our mindset. Riffing off of a previous post about Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song,” when we are no longer caught up in cultural tropes that keep us unwell, i.e. “I have to do everything myself,” we are able to do what’s right for us, instead of what we think we should do. This alignment of thought, heart, and action allows energy to move more freely in the body and can manifest as relief from pain and illness. This is why so many of my clients start feeling better physically after a few months of coaching. They stop sabotaging themselves and start acting with coherence and alignment and the body responds.

Recently I have found that the reverse of this is also true, that if you free your ass, your mind will follow. March - May of this year were pretty intense for me. My favorite healthcare practitioner died, I moved unexpectedly, several of my family members got sick, and I ended a three year relationship with someone I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with. And, on top of that came more and more bad news about our president, concentration camps on our soil, proposed limits on abortion, etc. The only way I could deal with all the sadness, anger, and angst that came up in me was to move it through my body. For me, this looked liked running, swimming, and dancing. Dancing was the most effective, and I did it in my beloved Afro Flow Yoga classes, as well as in my kitchen and living room. 

Speaking to “the kingdom of heaven is within,” I love supporting folks to tap into and cultivate their intuition because you already have everything you need inside of you to heal fully. Once you clear the bullshit (trauma and self-limiting thoughts) out of the way, you start to see the road map to victory with more ease. And the more you tune in, the clearer and clearer the path becomes. IT’S SO FREAKING AMAZING WHAT YOU CAN LEARN FROM YOUR BODY WHEN YOU LISTEN!

Listen to “Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow” here.